The root of healthy weight loss

„Glucomannan contributes to reduction of body weight when 3 servings of at least 1 g are taken daily with 200 ml of water, each 30 minutes before a meal, by an overweight person.“

Scientifically evaluated assigned health claims by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in December 2010.

Pure NATURE. Pure health booster.

Plant-based natural wonder with remarkable properties

GLUCOMANNAN is a natural product extracted from the tubers of the Konjac plant and has the highest known water-binding capacity of any natural product. This means that GLUCOMANNAN multiplies its volume when combined with liquid, thus providing a long-lasting feeling of fullness. MINDSHAPE consists of 95% pure GLUCOMANNAN and is ESFA* compliant.

*European Food Safety Authority

Botanical name: Amorphophallus konjac
Origin: Southeast Asia
Genus: Titan Aroids
Ingredients Tuber: Rich in beneficial polysaccharides with excellent swelling & satiety properties.

Healthy weight loss is that simple


Take about 30 minutes before the meal.

2. MIX

Put powder in a glass and fill with at least
200 ml of water.


Drink immediately. Rinse vigorously if necessary.


MINDSHAPE provides quick yet long-lasting satiety with an extremely low number of calories, thereby contributing to a negative energy balance.

The ground konjac root can bind up to 50 times its own volume of water. For Mindshape we use this effect to create a feeling of satiety with almost no caloric intake (1.5 g/1 serving = approx. 2.32 kcal). In combination with a healthy lifestyle and diet, these characteristics offer a decisive advantage in achieving the desired negative energy balance.

GLUCOMANNAN consists largely of water-soluble saccharin, a dietary fibre. Water-soluble dietary fibre, in turn, is the main food source of the “good” intestinal bacteria. These butyrate-producing bacteria create short-chain fatty acids, which are vital building blocks for every human being.

MINDSHAPE shows its full potential as a health booster and weight optimiser when used as part of a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. In this way, its positive effects can be fully exploited without depleting one's own body and its vital substances.

  • Swelling in the stomach reduces stomach volume
  • Decrease in blood concentration of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for controlling appetite.

(Mahidol University in Bangkok/2009)

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Fact 2: MINDSHAPE has a weight-reducing effect (from 3 g / day).

Thanks to MINDSHAPE, it is possible to achieve sustainable and healthy weight loss of 500 g per calendar week/year. This makes a total of 26 kg per year.

Mentors, drinks, capsules, plans and tables, gung-ho, always newer, always faster, always more radical – the range of options for weight reduction seems almost immeasurable. However, these usually have one thing in common: the yo-yo effect. Eliminating this and achieving a positive body image in a healthy and above all sustainable way was our motivation behind developing the MINDSHAPE series.

A large part of the konjac root consists of long-chain dietary fibres like pectin and hydrocolloid substances (Greek hydro “water” and kolla “glue”), which are almost indigestible for the human body, thus ensuring a quick yet long-lasting feeling of fullness. This makes it easier to eat less, resulting in a reduced calorie intake. In addition, the indigestibility of dietary fibre significantly slows down the passage through the gastrointestinal tract and thus also the absorption of carbohydrates. This also prevents the ups and downs of the insulin response and the corresponding hunger pangs, which are difficult to control, especially with crash diets.

The promise that we make with regard to weight loss in overweight individuals is based on several “gold standard” randomised controlled trials of GLUCOMANNAN. However, what makes it unique among diet products is the health claim permitted by EFSA.

  • Reduces hunger pangs
  • Avoids the yo-yo effect
  • High fibre content creates feeling of satiety
  • Long-lasting feeling of fullness

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Fact 3: MINDSHAPE lowers cholesterol (from 4 g / day).

MINDSHAPE prolongs digestion time and can thus have a healthy impact on blood sugar and blood fat levels.

A high blood cholesterol level is considered a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, which are becoming increasingly common as “diseases of civilisation” due to poor nutrition. MINDSHAPE binds cholesterol in the intestine so that it cannot be reabsorbed, especially in enterohepatic circulation (intestine-liver circulation).

Double-blind, placebo-controlled studies (where neither the subject nor the investigator know who is receiving the placebo and who is receiving the active substance) have shown that GLUCOMANNAN can not only have an impact on the reduction of total cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride levels, in some cases it is even able to raise levels of HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol).

Furthermore, the benefits of fibre for our microbiome have long been scientifically recognised, and GLUCOMANNAN is one of these valuable prebiotics*.

  • Lower cholesterol level
  • Positive effects on the microorganisms in our body

* “Prebiotics are non-digestible food components that beneficially affect the host by stimulating the growth and/or activity of one or more species of bacteria in the colon, thereby improving the health of the host.” (Gibson and Roberfroid, 1995).

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MINDSHAPE. Quality made in the Black Forest. Our parent company Nature System has been a scientific developer and producer of high-quality dietary supplement products and certified natural cosmetics for many years. In our family business, we are committed to sustainability, quality and ethics for all our products. Our systemic approach connects the inner and outer needs of our body.

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