3In times like these when the gap between man and nature is wider than ever we build bridges both in our minds and very concrete ones to suppliers of strictly vegan organic raw materials In this way we combine skin care with ethics Well being with sustainability And luxury with ecology We feel com mitted to the next generations and see preservation as one of our highest goals Preserving our environment to the same extent as preserving healthy skin and hair High Class from fields forests and meadows No palm oil no pesticides no animal ingredients no nasty surprises BeautySystem3 is the holistic cosmetic series with a green conscience and high tech formula certified with the Ger man label Pro Nature Not only the environment with all beings in it but also your company will bene fit from the BeautySystem3 philosophy because image transfer is somethingnot to be underestimated Guests no longer rate hotel establishments merely on the quality of the furnishings or the leisure facilities but also on the quality of the food or cosmetics on offer And as with all emotional decisions it s often the small dif ferences that boost appeal and trigger a pleasant gut feeling that spreads from the bathroom to your entire home Set yourself apart from the backwards looking standard of small bottles and dodgy ingredients and show your awareness of the bigger picture for the appreciation of your guests and our planet It s time for Nature made  EU Prioritätenliste www vki at hormoninfo Made in EU

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