3The skin is the mirror of the soul the connection between inside and outside our largest organ Caring for protecting and nourishing our skin is therefore a holistic task that cannot be solved with cosmetic products alone That s why we have developed a coordinated group of products both for ingestion and topical use to ensure the best possible care for your skin at all times Regard less of the condition age or needs of your skin At the same time we always keep our values in mind during development and production And what other values could a family business in the Black Forest have other than fairness towards the present generation and responsibility for those to come We see these values holistically as well which is why we com mitted ourselves to ethics and sustainability years ago Highly scientific formulas vegan organic raw materials from selected suppliers the total absence of palm oil and pesticides are small details for us and give you the total certainty that you are entrusting your skin to the best possible BeautySystem3 care And you have our word Our green conscience carries the German certificate Pro Nature It s time for Nature made  EU Prioritätenliste www vki at hormoninfo Made in EU

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